English Grammar : Idioms

Popular Idioms

  1.  Adam’s alePure Water.
  2.  At a lossTo be confused.
  3. To bear the palmTo be victorious.
  4.  At sixes and sevensIn disorder.
  5. Blue bloodTo belong to an aristocratic family.
  6. Cock and bull storyA fantastic story.
  7. To cast a slur – To bring disgrace.
  8. To die in harnessTo die while on duty.
  9. A close shaveA narrow escape.
  10. To wear a long faceTo look gloomy.
  11. To fly into a passionTo be enraged.
  12. To get the better ofTo overcome.
  13. In black and whiteIn writing.
  14. Inns and outsAll details and secrets
  15. Long and short – Brief substance
  16. To join the majorityTo die.
  17. Mare’s nestIllusory discovery.
  18. Out of sortsIndisposed.
  19. To play truantTo run away from the class.
  20. To bring to bookTo punish.                  >>Improve Your English Grammar>>
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