HTET Question Papers

Question PaperLevel I

Question PaperLevel II

Question PaperLevel III

HTET Nov 2011 Question Papers

Category-1 (Elementary Teacher) (Class I to V)
21A 21B 21C 21D 21E
Category-2 (Master) (Class VI to VIII)
22A 22B 22C 22D 22E
23A (Language) 23B (Language) 23C (Language) 23D (Language) 23E (Language)
Category-3 (Lecturer) (Class IX to XII)
31A (Hindi) 31B (Hindi) 31C (Hindi) 31D (Hindi) 31E (Hindi)
32A (English) 32B (English) 32C (English) 32D (English) 32E (English)
33A (Punjabi)
34A (Sanskrit) 34B (Sanskrit) 34C (Sanskrit) 34D (Sanskrit) 34E (Sanskrit)
35A (Urdu)
36A (History) 36B (History) 36C (History) 36D (History) 36E (History)
37A (Pol. Sci.)
37B (Pol. Sci.) 37C (Pol. Sci.) 37D (Pol. Sci.) 37E (Pol. Sci.)
38A (Economics) 38B (Economics) 38C (Economics) 38D (Economics) 38E (Economics)
39A (Geography) 39B (Geography) 39C (Geography) 39D (Geography) 39E (Geography)
40A (Home Sci.)
41A (Commerce) 41B (Commerce) 41C (Commerce) 41D (Commerce) 41E (Commerce)
42A (Sociology)
43A (PHE) 43B (PHE) 43C (PHE) 43D (PHE) 43E (PHE)
44A (Psychology)
45A (Physics) 45B (Physics) 45C (Physics) 45D (Physics) 45E (Physics)
46A (Chemistry) 46B (Chemistry) 46C (Chemistry) 46D (Chemistry) 46E (Chemistry)
47A (Biology) 47B (Biology) 47C (Biology) 47D (Biology) 47E (Biology)
48A (Math.) 48B (Math.) 48C (Math.) 48D (Math.) 48E (Math.)



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